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Tohateen Hub is a resource space created in Tohatin, Chişinău, by A. O. PRO BONO Information and Resource Center in collaboration with the National Youth Council of Moldova, the Chisinau City Hall and the Tohatin Commune City Hall.


During the period of activity, several projects were developed and interactive clubs for all ages were opened. In addition, it is planned to organize and host other activities. We believe that young people represent the future, so we make an effort to mobilize them and offer them more opportunities, promoting volunteering.


We aim to help young people develop personally and contribute to the development of their community. Another goal of this initiative is to develop communities outside the capital and to provide young people with opportunities to diversify extra-curricular and extra-curricular activities, as most of the resource spaces are concentrated in the capital.



Nicoleta Damian

Nicoleta is the Executive Director of the PRO BONO Information and Resources Center. He has been dealing with volunteering for over 10 years and is active civic. He is currently a student in preventive medicine and is a winner of 2 international academic mobility.


Igor Ciurea

For over 7 years, Igor is a civic activist in the field of education, youth and children's rights. He is licensed in law and is the holder of the National Youth Prize for Research in 2016. In addition, Igor is passionate about team sports and books with many data and statistics that talk about life and social trends.


Terentie Carp

Terentie has been involved for 14 years in youth work in various national organizations. He studied economics and law, and his pasihood is information technology and management.


Vitalina-Mădălina Gaidenic

My name is Vitalina and I'm 15 years old. I have come to this club to gain more experience and meet new people. I like to be busy with everything, communicate and have different interesting activities. I am sure that here I will be able to develop and acquire a lot of knowledge.

Andreea Miron

My name is Andreea and I'm 16 years old. He teaches at the 'Ginta Latina' Theoretical High School in the capital. I like to meet many new people. Recently, I graduated from a public speaking course and that motivated me to be part of this volunteer group. I want to make a change in the place where I live to offer prosperity to the country where I was born.

Octavian Macovei

My name is Macovei Octavian I am 15 years old and I am a 9th grade student. My hobbies are surfing the internet, chess and reading. I have become a volunteer to give the young people in our town the chance to discover their hidden talents.

Ion David

I'm called Ion, I'm studying at the Center for Excellence in Energy and Electronics, I decided to be a volunteer, so I can give a helping hand to our planet, I'm courageous, careful, honest, I like helping old people when they see they need it I am not discouraged, and for this reason I will go forward, towards a better future.

Nicu Tiulenev

My name is Tiulenev Nicu and I am a pupil at the 9th grade 'Viorel Găină' gymnasium no. 74. I like to help people, and to be a volunteer at TohaTEEN HUB, it brings pleasure and pride to me. What brought me here is that the other members of the organization offer a pleasant and inviting atmosphere for everyone.

Mihaela Zgardan

My name is Mihaela. I am a student at Mircea Eliade Theoretical High School. I am an optimistic and energetic person. I like to socialize and meet new people. I always love to take my time with something. My desire to change something in the living country made me engage in the activities of TohaTEEN Hub and become a volunteer. I am sure that together with this wonderful team of volunteers, we will succeed in creating a better society.

Ilie Dobos

My name is Ilie I am 15 years old and I am volunteer Tohateen hub in the summer of 2018. At first I did not understand what this hub was doing, but after a few events I was offered to volunteer by explaining to me what I will be use. Since then I have been volunteering and I try to participate in several events and some even organize them.

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